Going Green with Hot Water Energy Conservation

Why: First and foremost it's a truly green solution that is not only green, but also provides us with ongoing cash flow positive results through significantly reduced gas utility billsranging 15-40%, for our property we are achieving 27.8% reduced gas consumption, documented and sustained.

The results of the technology are impressive, providing:

All temperatures within the domestic hot water environment become visible to your maintenance and management personnel.

  • Usage periods are identified and isolated allowing the supply to be "tuned" to meet demand.
  • When supply is configured to meet demand, natural gas usage is significantly reduced and the savings that are achieved become SUSTAINED.
  • EDC Technology proactively analyzes the daily supply and demand patterns from the hotels environment and achieves optimal savings. EDC Technology identifies and dispatches alerts to the property of hot water anomalies (issues) that may be occurring in the properties hot water environment.
  • All operational data is logged and you are provided with an ongoing log of your systems temperatures and operation.
  • Most importantly, we are assured that our hot water environment is operating at optimal efficiency, and our guests are getting what they desire from our property, a safe, comfortable and pleasant stay.

How does the technology impact Mechanical/Plumbing Contractors – Because all operational data is available online, we have all operational and temperature data available to us via the web. Should we have a hot water issue, we can provide our Mechanical/Plumbing Contractor with our properties history and trend data, as well as documentation of the actual hot water issue that is occurring. As a result our contractor can fix the exact issue we are experiencing in the shortest amount of time… resulting in lower service costs to us.

The value EDC Technology provides is MUCH more than energy savings. In fact, once savings are initially achieved, they are often forgotten or taken for granted. But that's where EDC Technologies is different.

Because EDC's servers and technicians are monitoring our domestic hot water environment, they are constantly reviewing our operational efficiency as well as ongoing savings.If EDC technologies identifies something out of the norm, they dispatch an e-mail to our facility as well as our management team indicating the potential issue, what is believed to be causing the issue and how to resolve the situation.

As an additional by-product, EDC Technologies provides an ongoing log of your temperatures and ongoing operational efficiency.