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San Diego Walking Along the San Diego Waterfront

Are you looking for a place to stay and things to do during your stay in San Diego? Check out this blog to find out what you'll see when walking north and south along the San Diego Waterfront in Downtown San Diego! When you visit Comfort Inn Gaslamp in Downtown San Diego, you'll be just steps away from walking along the scenic San Diego Waterfront.

Walking North

Cruise Ship Terminal

When you walk North on the San Diego Waterfront past the harbor tours, you'll quickly see the Cruise Ship Terminal where the large international cruise ships make their ports o' call to San Diego. You may even get to witness one in port during your stay.

Anthony's Fish Grotto Restaurant

As you keep walking, you'll reach Anthony's Fish Grotto restaurant. This big dockside building has a fine dining area in the Star of the Sea Room and an informal take-out counter.

Star of India

The Star of India is a historic, tall-masted iron ship that dates back to 1863. This is a national and historic landmark of the world's oldest ship that is still seaworthy and makes a sea journey at least once annually. Within this area are three other ships which make up the San Diego Maritime Museum: the Berkeley, a Victorian-era ferryboat; the Medea, a 1904 steam yacht; and the Pilot, a 1914 guide boat. A nominal admission fee is required to board the boats.

North Island Naval Air Station

You'll see the North Island Naval Air Station as you look across the bay. This is where the U.S. Navy ports its large aircraft carriers and jets. This is an exciting and historical area to bring family and is a great area for sightseeing.

Walking South

Navy Port

As you walk south from Broadway Pier, you will eventually reach the Navy Port, where they dock all Navy Ships and even offer free tours to the public! If you want to watch the sunset on the waterfront and get a perfect view of the Navy ships, take a relaxing stroll along the San Diego waterfront. 

Fish Market Restaurant

As you continue walking, you'll eventually reach the Fish Market restaurant. This is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat and enjoy the scenic waterfront views.

Seaport Village

As you head farther south, you will walk right into the famous Seaport Village, which has a variety of popular and busy shops and restaurants for people to enjoy. This area is usually bustling with people and is a great area to hang out!

Embarcadero Marina Park

As you head adjacent to the Embarcadero Marina Park, you will find a wide-open and green space for you to sit on or picnic at. Enjoy amazing views of Coronado across the bay as well as the yacht marina. After a relaxing day or evening on the waterfront, unwind at the end of the night at Comfort Inn Gaslamp!

Why You Should Stay at Comfort Inn Gaslamp

When you stay at Comfort Inn Gaslamp during your next trip to San Diego, you'll be just blocks away from walking along the San Diego Waterfront. Enjoy historical landmarks, delicious restaurants, and beautiful views when you stay in Downtown San Diego! To book your stay, give us a call at (619) 202-4324 or click here.